Sunday 26 July 2015
Faithfull promotes Hepatitis C awareness week
Faithfull promotes Hepatitis C awareness week

Singer songwriter Marianne Faithfull attended the launch of Ireland’s first campaign to promote awareness of hepatitis C in Dublin today.

The 68-year-old was diagnosed with the condition 23 years ago will front The National Hepatitis C Awareness Week which takes place from July 27 to 31.

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that affects the liver, causing it to become inflamed and not work as effectively in the body. It can be contracted via blood-to-blood contact with an infected person’s blood.

Speaking to The Sunday Times at the wekend, Faithfull said “It’s a blood-borne disease and I got it by sharing a needle with someone else,” she said. “I remember when it happened and they knew too.”

“I would tell people to get tested and if you are diagnosed, don’t drink,” she said. “Stop taking all drugs and lead a healthy life and you can still have a lot of fun.”

The awareness campaign is organised by Community Response, HIV Ireland and UISCE.

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