The Phoenix
The Phoenix Lyrics
(with Kate and Anna McGarrigle. originally by: Judee Sill)

The sun was read and the fires were roarin'
Stars aligned and our webs were spun
I could've sworn I heard my spirit soarin'
Guess, I'm always chasin' the sun
Hopin' we will soon be one
'Til it turns around to me and I try to run

On phosphorous wings the phoenix floated
The fires froze and the sea was hushed
And when I tried to speak, the sun imploded
And the war will rage in my guts
Till the devil bites the dust
I never saw him losin' a race, but I think he must

The great storm raged
and the power kept growin'
Dragons rose from our land below
And even now I wonder where I'm goin'
Ever since a long time ago
I've tried to let my feelings show
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