Kissin Time
Kissin Time
Kissin Time

"I am a muse, not a mistress, not a whore"

August 13th, 2002

Label: VirginRecords

Track Listings
1. Sex With Strangers
2. Pleasure Song
3. Like Being Born
4. I'm on Fire
5. Wherever I Go
6. Song for Nico
7. Sliding Through Life on Charm
8. Love and Money
9. Nobody's Fault
10. Kissin Time
11. Something Good
12. Blood in my Eyes

Kissin Time is Marianne's first album since Vagabond Ways in the summer of 1999. The long wait, however, has been utterly vindicated by an album of extraordinary power, fuelled by contributions by such artists as Beck, Blur, Jarvis Cocker, Dave Stewart and Billy Corgan. Indeed, this could well be the finest recording in Marianne's long career. is a Marianne Faithfull fansite which in no way has any affiliations with the artist aside from genuine veneration