A Perfect Stranger
A Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger

"Though I ain't done nothin wrong, I feel guilt"

October 27, 1998

Label: Island

Track Listings:

Disc: 1
1. Broken English
2. Witches' Song
3. Guilt
4. Ballad of Lucy Jordan
5. Working Class Hero
6. Why d'Ya Do It?
7. Sister Morphine
8. Sweetheart
9. Intrigue
10. For Beauty's Sake

Disc: 2
1. Ballad of the Soldier's Wife
2. Trouble in Mind (The Return)
3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
4. Yesterdays
5. Strange Weather
6. Gloomy Sunday
7. Hello Stranger
8. As Tears Go By
9. Perfect Stranger
10. Conversation on a Barstool

"Like her once death- defying male contemporaries Lou Reed, Keith Richards, and a mere handful of others, Faithfull is a survivor extraordinaire. Drugs and drink drove her life and career to the brink of total disintegration. Yet here it is 1999, and she's conquered her demons and continues to write songs and record new material. As this Island collection undoubtedly shows, her body of work runs the gamut" -Michael Sandlin

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