Blazing Away
Blazing Away

Blazing Away

"Everytime I see your dick,
I see her cunt in my bed"

June 5, 1990

Label: Island

Track Listings:

1. Prisons du Roy [Live]
2. Strange Weather [Live]
3. Guilt [Live]
4. Working Class Hero [Live]
5. Sister Morphine [Live]
6. As Tears Go By [Live]
7. Why d'Ya Do It? [Live]
8. When I Find My Life [Live]
9. Ballad of Lucy Jordan [Live]
10. Times Square [Live]
11. Blazing Away
12. She Moved Through the Fair [Live]
13. Broken English [Live] is a Marianne Faithfull fansite which in no way has any affiliations with the artist aside from genuine veneration