Rich Kid Blues
Rich Kid Blues

Rich Kid Blues

"The highway's for gamblers,
better use your sense"


Label: DiabloRecordsUK

Track Listings:

1. Rich Kid Blues
2. Long Black Veil
3. Sad Lisa
4. It's All over Now, Baby Blue
5. Southern Butterfly
6. Chords of Fame
7. Visions of Johanna
8. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
9. Beware of Darkness
10. Corrine, Corrina
11. Mud Slide Slim
12. Crazy Lady Blues


"Rick Kid Blues" was recorded during Marianne Faithfull's period of homelessness and drug addiction, prior to the "Dreaming my Dreams" album. Though, it was released nearly a decade later. is a Marianne Faithfull fansite which in no way has any affiliations with the artist aside from genuine veneration